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Welcome to the website of the Self Company Group! We have extensive experience – over 20 years’ worth – are passionate about and specialise in bathing suits! From the very start, our motto has been ONLY FOR YOU. This means that we take every effort to ensure that the swimsuits we design meet women’s expectations and needs so that every lady can find a style that matches her individual preferences and figure. We offer beautiful, unique swimsuits created for those who love classic designs as well as modern trends.

Contemporary beach fashion is characterised by highly dynamic changes. Our collections are unique and sexy – timeless elegance is always in fashion. Among many of our creations you can find bathing suits in such styles as floral, glamour, athletic, ethnic and fluo, which makes your beautiful tan and feminine figure look amazing thanks to the use of intensive colours. In addition, our collections include push-up suits, two-piece suits, tankinis and bathing suits created especially for ladies with larger breasts, who often have difficulties with finding the right suit for the beach. All of our push-up suits as well as other styles are available in a variety of sizes.

 We have not forgotten about men! Our swimming trunks are perfect for both competitive swimmers and gents who only visit swimming pools from time to time or who need something trendy and comfortable for the beach. All trunks from our assortment fit the male body perfectly. The wide range of colours and patterns on offer appeals to different tastes, which means that every man can feel special and unique.

The Self Company Group offers not only swimsuits, but also a variety of beach accessories such as dresses, sarongs, skirts and shorts, which are an integral part of every summer look – ideal for the beach, going for a walk, visiting a pub or a restaurant, suitable for everyday use while you enjoy hot summer days. When designing such pieces, we also remember our credo: ONLY FOR YOU.

 Feel free to have a browse through our collections! It is a unique journey into a world filled with joy, colours and sunshine with a slightly exotic vibe and a hint of mysterious tropical forests. We welcome all comments and suggestions, as they help us develop new swimsuit designs.