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For 22 years the Self Company Group has been surprising its customers with unique swimsuit designs. Such extensive experience shows our professionalism and high quality of our wide range of products, allowing us to overcome all kinds of challenges associated with beach fashion.

Summer starts today!!!

SELF – free your personality

We present collections that will take you for a unique journey to exotic Thailand, sunny Mallorca or heavenly Bora Bora, where you can make your dreams come true among sunny beaches, crystal clear water and closeness to exotic nature. With a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes on offer, everyone can find something that suits them best. Based on the latest trends, we have prepared several different options – even for the most demanding customers:

  • the ethnic style was created to emphasis freedom and wildness of nature. It bravely draws from animal and exotic motifs. The one- and two-piece styles on offer show off your slim female figure perfectly. It is a wild, feisty collection.
  • the fluo style combines intense colours with beiges, greys, navy blues and other toned down shades that make your tan stand out. The brave, saturated colours make your radiating, sun-kissed skin glow!
  • the floral style is a trend based on floral designs, which allow every woman to feel fresh, delicate and light. Floral motifs are always on trend as a timeless classic and a highly feminine style.
  • the glamour style meets the needs of those ladies who like their bathing suits to have elegant, one-of-a-kind details, such as appliqués, beads and Swarovski crystals, making the suit look smart and chic.
  • the athletic style is a great alternative for those who like to spend their time actively. The suit was designed to ensure unrestricted movement and comfort while you train. A new addition to the Self Collection is a racer suit which stays close to the body. As the fabric has been treated with Teflon, the suit creates very little resistance when you swim, helping you increase speed.
  • a one- or two-piece tankini is the perfect solution for pregnant or full-figured women. It helps hide any imperfections and issues with your figure, at the same time highlighting your curves in all the right places.
  • the collection for large-breasted women is intended for those ladies who want to show off their curves while maintaining the right proportions of their body.
  • the men’s collection was created for both competitive sports enthusiasts and those who prefer occasional recreation. Every man can find something for himself among the latest styles and a variety of colours. 
  • the SLIM collection is ideal for everyone who wants to look slim and attractive – thanks to the use of innovative technological fabric with added microcapsules, which contain natural ingredients supporting the weight loss process.
  • accessories are an equally important part of beach fashion. The Self Collection features beach dresses, skirts, shorts and sarongs in various colours and designs. A great selection for everyone wanting to spend time at the beach as well as for those who enjoy long walks along the shore or who are planning to visit some seaside restaurants.